Variable is a workshop for young researchers, students and amateur astronomers involved or interested in variable stars research. It has a long history. The first meetings of variable stars observers in eastern part of Slovakia started already in the end of the previous century. Exactly the first one was held in 1988. At that time the participants were mainly young high school and university students. Many visual measurements of eclipsing binaries minima timings were recorded. Also brightness estimates of physical variables were performed. Over the years the CCD technique has become dominant. However the visual observing is still present.

In the recent years the meeting became an international astrocamp for advanced observers. It has its typical structure connecting practical observations with theoretical preparation. The participants have to solve announced research tasks. They use the instruments available at the Astronomical observatory on Kolonica Saddle and are assisted by supervisors ie. experienced astronomers.

At the end of the workshop small seminar is organized. The results are presented in the form of short presentations. The best participant is awarded by the Jindřich Šilhán award. (Jindřich Šilhán was a Czech astronomer who play an important role in the development of the Astronomical observatory on Kolonica Saddle.)

Important innovation was implemented in 2022 edition. In addition to traditional research tasks the series of lectures and practical exercises is provided by one of the most important slovak astronomers.

Participants of the 2014 edition

Most of the variable meeting were organized at the Astronomical Observatory on Kolonica Saddle. But not all of them. There were few exceptions. Roztoky observatory, polish observatory on Lubomir mountain and Stuposiany in Bieszcady National Park served as venues as well.