Typical locality for Variable astrocamp is the Astronomical Observatory on Kolonica Saddle.

At the observatory, we provide all necessary infrastructure for the astrocamp. First of all several telescopes are available both for visual and CCD observations. The updated list can be found on the Vihorlat Observatory site.

The sky above Kolonica observatory is famous as one of the darkest places in Slovakia. The seeing is not exceptional. Typical value is between 2 and 3 arcseconds. The total amount observing time can be assessed using following graphics. They show used observing hours and also the number of light curves collected by the instruments on the observatory. The first parameter tell us something about the observing conditions, the second about the efficiency of the instrumentation. The statistics from 2006 is depicted on the left picture. The right one is important for Variable participants. It shows usually good weather condition during summer period.

Approx. 20 persons can live in simple rooms in the building of the planetarium. The planetarium hall can be used for lectures. However for practical exercises the building called “Pub” is used. Fast internet connection is available on the whole territory of the observatory.

The foods for the participants are provided by the regional catering company.